iovox API Unlocks Value of Phone Data for Europe’s Habitissimo

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With a business model that relies on phone calls to generate new sales, discover how Habitissimo unlocked the value of their phone data by using the flexible API from iovox.

Q: Hi Job, thanks for speaking with us today. Please tell us a bit about Habitissimo.

Habitissimo was founded in 2009 and we are a digital platform that connects homeowners with a renovation project, repair, or any other demand for services for the household, with professional trades and companies that provide such services. Since our founding, more than 14 million households have relied on our platform to improve the quality of their property and lives. Since 2017 we’ve been part of HomeServe, one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers.

Job Aguiló García, Habitissimo Software Development Team Lead

“It’s clear that a phone call is the preferred way of contact for both professionals and homeowners.”

Job Aguiló García, Habitissimo Software Development Team Lead

Said differently, we generate matches between homeowners that have a project they’d like completed, with pre-screened residential contractors, architects, and interior designers.

Currently, our market is focused on southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, and Italy), where we are the leader in the home improvement digital business with the largest online community of homeowners and trusted professionals.

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Q: What challenges were you facing that led you to explore Call Tracking, and what were your goals from such a program?

In our Pro Directory, homeowners call directly to pros and pros receive calls that are identified as having been generated from the Habitissimo platform. However, until partnering with iovox, we had limited visibility on the quantity and quality of leads we were sending to our professionals, and we wanted to focus on improving those analytics because we knew that would help us demonstrate the value of our platform.

Q: What led you to choose iovox?

We assessed the balance between features, implementation cost, and price, and iovox was the clear winner. The iovox platform has a lot of customization flexibility through their API and their “plug and play” solution, and the simplicity of the integration was compelling. The ready-to-use features were a big differentiation between iovox and their competitors.

iovox API Solutions

Our suite of tools for developers include:

voice api
Voice API
sms api
email api
Email API
live chat api
Live Chat API
dall data api
Call Data API

Q: How did the implementation go?

The documentation was easy to follow, and the iovox support team members were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. As I mentioned, the API capabilities were a key factor in choosing iovox over other options and that allowed us to get the system up and running quickly. We chose to implement iovox Dedicated Numbers along with several other features such as Call Whispers, so that we can remind our professionals that the Habitissimo platform is responsible for the new opportunities they are receiving, along with missed call alerts, spam blocking, and of course all the analytics that come with the service.

Q: What are some of the benefits you have gained from implementing iovox solutions?

One main benefit is that we now have tracking on all of the calls that take place in our marketplace. This gives us access to the data needed to improve our user acquisition strategies, help us improve the service we provide to our homeowners by knowing the result of all the phone calls in our platform, and gives our clients clear visibility of the value delivered to them by Habitissimo.

Iovox has been the perfect partner, because of their support, professionalism, and of course the iovox solutions that enable us to provide a superior experience to our homeowners and pros while proving the value of our platform.

Thanks again for speaking with us today and answering our questions, Job. We’re always thrilled to be able to help our customers and come through on the promises of our services.

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