Conversational Intelligence: The Ultimate Guide

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Interested in learning about conversational intelligence?

Major industries like customer support, sales, and real estate are exploring conversational intelligence to improve customer satisfaction and guide customers along their buyer journey via humanlike interactions.

But what exactly is it?
How can you leverage it?

In this article, we’ll share with you what conversational intelligence is and how it’s used. We’ll also share 3 tips to follow while implementing conversational intelligence and highlight the best conversational AI solution for your organization.

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What is Conversational Intelligence?

Conversational intelligence is technology that combines the power of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Instead of relying on predefined conversational flow, conversational intelligence works using adaptive powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand customer sentiment (emotional intelligence), intent, and meaning (written or spoken).

What makes it indispensable to industry leaders and companies worldwide is its ability to provide valuable insight to customer service teams and sales reps.

It can also take the load off them by handling customer requests on its own or extracting data much more efficiently from conversations than if it were done manually.

Conversation intelligence technology broadly uses two steps to achieve this:

  • Input Analysis: In this step, conversational AI converts customer inputs (text or speech) into a computer-readable format to analyze and determine the meaning or customer intention. This will typically involve using complex processes like lexical semantics (study of word meanings) analysis, extraction of relationships, name recognition, etc.
  • Response Generation: After analyzing and interpreting the text or speech, conversational AI generates a suitable response. It does so quickly using natural language generation. Over time, these responses become even more useful and accurate with machine learning.

Ready to use conversational intelligence?

Let’s check out how it’s typically used.

How is Conversational Intelligence Used?

Conversational intelligence can be employed as:

  • A workload reducer for your customer support reps or sales team
  • An agent-routing solution
  • A real-time coaching assistant
  • And more.

Here are a few fundamental uses cases for conversational intelligence:

  1. Simplifying Customer Support

    The most popular use case of conversational intelligence is to help improve customer service processes. Using artificial intelligence technology, customer service reps can drastically reduce the time it takes them to resolve customer queries and enhance customer satisfaction.

    Conversation intelligence software can answer common questions directly for customers or provide the answers for agents to choose from. The fast resolution frees up time for other demanding tasks.

    Moreover, conversational AI can automatically direct incoming customer queries to appropriate team members. This stops unnecessary transfers when a human conversation begins - saving time.

  2. Facilitating Coaching and Onboarding

    A new team or hire usually needs detailed instructions and proper oversight to sharpen their skills in their new position. Conversational intelligence technology makes it easy to deliver these for any organization.

    For example, conversation intelligence can support the coaching process by answering onboarding FAQs and providing guiding actions to every customer service or sales rep in a contact center environment.

    You can also use this artificial intelligence technology to monitor calls and utilize the actionable insights and analytics generated to:

    • Build revenue
    • Find cross-sell opportunities
    • Coach new customer service reps

    Alternatively, let artificial intelligence inform managers when a customer conversation or interaction needs expert intervention for resolution. You can easily employ this for all difficult conversations.

  3. Powering Voice Controlled Devices

    Conversational intelligence is used in voice-responsive smart devices like Alexa among other things.

  4. Automating Sales Processes

    A sales team is always performing routine and administrative tasks. But this also takes up a hefty amount of valuable time. Conversational intelligence is the optimal tool to free up time for a sales rep or reps for more significant and profitable tasks.

    This process optimization improves the value of every single sales conversation or interaction.

    For example, conversational AI can organize a sales call or meeting – coordinating the availability of the sales manager and sales team.

    However, no matter the use case, there are certain tips you need to know before you employ conversational intelligence.

    Let’s find out what they are.

3 Tips When Implementing Conversational Intelligence

To actually benefit from employing conversational intelligence, you need to understand what conversational intelligence tools can or can’t do.

Here are some tips you can follow to optimize conversational intelligence for your organization:

  • Before incorporating conversational intelligence into your organization, figure out who will use it and why. Determining your audience before deploying conversational AI will keep any new implementation of this technology aligned with your goals.
  • Avoid forcing your customers to interact with your conversational AI. Provide an alternative or an easy “exit” option to give your customers a choice. This will enrich their customer journey, build trust, and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Benefit from the data your conversational intelligence software collects. As customers interact with Artificial Intelligence, capture every conversation for more in-depth analytics, trend-spotting, revenue building, cross-selling, and customer support enhancement.

Now, are you looking for an efficient and reliable conversational intelligence platform?

We have you covered.

The Best Conversational Intelligence Solution: iovox Insights

The fastest and most efficient way to employ conversational intelligence in your company is by opting for a conversational AI solution like iovox Insights.

iovox Insights uses conversational AI to let you transcribe recorded conversations and identify key customer interactions. The tool also lets you draw insights from recorded calls so you can analyze them further.

Here are some impressive things iovox Insights can do for you:

  1. Track Calls with Keywords

    iovox has a keyword spotter feature to feed specific phrases and keywords to the AI. The AI tool automatically detects the fed keywords from recorded calls and monitors them. This can reveal keywords that:

    • Build your customers’ trust and establish better relationships
    • Influence customer decisions
    • Boost customer satisfaction
    • Influence a sale
    • Establish mutual success

    iovox Insights can also highlight customer conversation that matches your criteria and trigger alerts based on what’s important to your organization. This way, you can get extraordinary results for your customer support or sales team in no time.

  2. Make Conversations Searchable

    You can easily go through and search prior conversations with iovox Insight’s recorded and transcribed calls. This increases transparency within the company and makes referencing important call logs easy.

    Further, you can search for any old conversation to use as study material. You can either analyze them (case study) or utilize them to help new hires understand what customer service calls look like in your company.

  3. Evaluate KPIs to Improve Customer Experience

    Use iovox Insights to track and spot trends as well as predict outcomes based on call standards important to you. Use every iovox insight to improve your customer experience.

    To get a proper overview of all the details defying your company call standards, just go to your iovox dashboard. Here you’ll see data including:

    • Average calls per day
    • Total conversation time
    • Call outcomes
    • Your preferred keywords detected in conversations
    • And more

    However, the powers of iovox Insights don’t end here.

    Over time, as the conversational AI monitors more and more customer interactions, you’ll uncover more possibilities to train the Artificial Intelligence. This way, iovox Insights can continue to evolve to serve you better.

Final Thoughts

Conversational intelligence is a powerful tool that can help your organization acquire a more in-depth understanding of customer interactions, such as customer sentiment, intent, and other valuable analytics.

The power of conversations is already enhancing contact center performances around the world, and it’s likely to evolve into a complete business improvement solution.

So what are you waiting for? Get ahead of the crowd.

Start using iovox Insights today to dive into a world full of valuable customer conversation insights and endless revenue-building opportunities!

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