GA4 and iovox Data: A Seamless Integration with Proven Results

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If you belong to the community marketers and analytics leaders, chances are you’ve been closely following Google’s transition from Universal Analytics to the more advanced Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This shift holds the potential for improved data accuracy and user journey tracking, making GA4 an indispensable asset for analyzing what channels are performing and how prospects are engaging with your business.

Importantly for iovox customers, we’re pleased to share our guide to make sure you experience success when it comes to integrating iovox data with GA4.

GA4 configuration

To integrate with GA4 you will need your "Measure ID" and "API Secret" values, these can be obtained from your Google Analytics account.

  1. Login to your Google Analytics 4 account. Click on the "Admin" tab at the bottom left and make sure the correct "Account" and "Property" are selected. Under "Property" click on "Data Streams" and select the data stream you want to send data to (you may need to create one).

  2. Copy Measure ID.

    GA4 stream details

  3. Select Measurement Protocol API Secrets.

    Measurement protocol

  4. Click "Create" and enter a nickname. Then click 'Create' again. This is your API secret.

    API secret

How to integrate GA4 with iovox Enterprise portal by a rule template

  1. From the top menu, select Management >Rules>

    Call rule

  2. Select "New Template".

    New template

  3. Enter a name for the new rule template.

    New template name

  4. Add the first rule by clicking the "Call" button.

    Call rule select

  5. Change the Rule ID and Rule Result if desired, otherwise leave the defaults and then click the + symbol next to "Call Contact".

    Call rule name

  6. From the "Select a contact" dialog, check the box labelled "Make this rule a variable" and then click "Finish".

    Select contact

  7. The contact dialog will close, and you can now click the "Save" button, notice that the "Call Contact" is now set to "?".

    Add contact

  8. Add a rule to continue the call flow when the call completes. While hovering over the "Call Rule" , click the "Add Rule Below" button.

    Call rule overview

  9. Select all outcomes and click the "Add" button.

    Call outcomes

  10. Add a rule to continue the call flow for the call outcomes. While hovering over the "Call Result Rule" , click the "Add Rule Below" button.

    Call result set

  11. Click the "Rest API Client" button to continue.

    REST select

  12. This is where you would add your Google Analytics 4 configurations.

    REST details

Type = POST

Request URL ={API_SECRET}&measurement_id={MEASUREMENT_ID}

Headers = Content-Type: application/json,Accept: application/json

Body = {"client_id": "$ga","events": [{"name": "iovox_call_tracking","params": {"node_id": "$_nodeId", "node_name": "$_nodeName", "link_id": "$_linkId", "link_name": "$_linkName", "call_result": "$_callResult", "caller_location": "$_callerLocation", "call_id": "$_callId", "call_start": "$_callStart", "talk_time": "$_billSec"}}]}

NOTE: If you are using static numbers, client_id would not exist. You should replace $ga with a different variable such as $_callID

  1. The last step is to click the "save" button to save the entire rule template.

Once the Rule Template has been created, you will need to create Contacts, Nodes, Links and assign the Rule to the Links.

Viewing and testing your data in Google Analytics

It can take up to 48 hours for your data to appear in your Google Analytics to process and report on the events. There is a real-time option to display all activity from the preceding 30 minutes. Once the integration has been set up, it is worthwhile to make a test call and check out the event here.

Report real-time

In Google Analytics 4, you can mark events as conversions. Go to “Admin” > “Events”. This will display all your existing events. Toggle on the events you wish to mark as a conversion.

Event names

  • If you do not see the event name, then you should make a test call. There may be a delay in seeing it in your report, but you should take this action to ensure the event is tracking properly.

To see your conversion in your report, go to "Reports" > "Acquisition" > "User Acquisition". Then filter Conversion column to iovox call tracking event.

Report conversion

Custom dimensions and metrics

For iovox call tracking event’s attributes to appear in your Google Analytics report you first need to create custom dimensions or metrics.

Important - It is essential to finish this setup step in GA4 as soon as the integration is activated because the settings you select below do not take effect retroactively. If you wait, any information transmitted before the setup is finished cannot be used in reports.

Before you begin, you must have the Editor or Administrator role to create custom dimensions and metrics.

Create custom dimension

  1. In Google Analytics, click on Admin.

  2. Make sure you are in the correct account and property.

  3. In the Properties column, click Custom definitions.

  4. In the Custom dimensions tab, click Create custom dimensions.

  5. Give the dimension a name

  6. Select Event for scope type

  7. Give the dimension a description

  8. Select the parameter to map with this custom dimension.

  9. Click save.
    Repeat the process for other attribute data.

    GA4 custom dimensions

    Create custom metrics

  10. From the Custom definitions page click on Custom metrics tab.

  11. Click on Create custom metrics

  12. Give the metric a name

  13. Select Event for scope type

  14. Give the metric a description

  15. Select the parameter to map with this custom metric.

  16. Click save.
    Repeat the process for other attribute data.

    GA4 custom metrics

To view your attributes in your report, go to Reports > Engagement > Events. Click on iovox call tracking event then you will be able to view your custom dimensions and metrics.

Parameter call id

Parameter call result

And there you have it. To discover more about iovox integrations, click the iovox WebConnect call button on this page, and let’s connect.

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